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William Alfred Sater (1870-1898) - Born 3 Aug 1870 in Butler County, Ohio. A United States Military Academy graduate who served and was killed in the Spanish American War. Died in action 1 Jul 1898 at Santiago, Cuba. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Chanute, Kansas.

Lt. William A. Sater

He entered the United States Military Academy 17 Jun 1890 and graduated 12 Jun 1894 in the Class of 1894 ranking 34th out of 54.

His first assignment was to Fort Sill (1), Oklahoma and after a few months to Fort Porter, New York, where he spent almost four years. At the beginning of the Spanish American War he was posted to Fort Brooke, Tampa, Florida where the expedition for the invasion of Cuba was forming.

On 22 Jun 1898 U.S. troops landed in Cuba and advanced on Santiago. Lt. Sater was killed in action at the Battle of San Juan, Santiago, Cuba on 1 Jul 1898. His company was advancing on the enemy parapets when he was struck in the heart by an enemy bullet. His body was returned to his home and buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Chanute, Kansas.

Battery Sater on Fort Hunt in Virginia was named for Lt. Sater in 1903.

Father: Charles L. Sater (1848-1940)

Mother: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Crowell (1851-1911)


  • Not Married


  • No Children


Personal Description:

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