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Tower Dupre (1830-1883) - An Third System coastal fortified tower, established in 1830 at the entrance to Bayou Dupre, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. Abandoned in 1883. Also known as Philippon Tower and Martello Castle.

Third System (1816-1867)

Part of the Harbor Defense of the Mississippi.

Built as a fortified two-story hexagonal tower guarding the entranced to Bayou Dupre from Lake Borgne, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. Construction began in 1827 and was completed in 1830. A storm delayed the mounting of cannons until 1833. The tower was designed to mount 24 guns and garrison 50 troops but much of the time it was garrisoned by a three man detachment from Fort Macomb (1) or in the hands of a caretaker. The tower required constant maintenance because of its exposure to storms and erosion and over time it came to be surrounded by water.

U.S. Civil War (1861-1865)

The tower was garrisoned for a time during the U.S. Civil War by Confederate forces until New Orleans fell to Union forces in 1862. After the end of the war additional repairs were made but, by 1883, the tower was declared useless and surplus to government needs and was sold.

Current Status

Destroyed, on private property, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.

Location: Near Bayou Dupre, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.

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Lat: 29.9450853 Long: -89.8353553

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