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Frontier Forts, Camps and Stations

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This site is dedicated to documenting the forts, camps and stations that provided security and protection for the United States.

The goal is to combine the known public information about the forts and stations with detailed information from individual family histories and genealogies that are not public. These histories and genealogies are rich with details about ancestors who lived, worked and fought at these forts and stations.

To gain some insight into the detail that can be added to our knowledge check out the article on Soloman Litton and note all the links that were created from this one article.

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Fort Abraham Lincoln, ND, Fort Buford, ND, Fort Borst, WA, Fort Dalles, OR, Fort Davis, TX, Fort Stevens, OR, Fort Stevens, DC, Fort Ward, VA, Fort Umpqua, OR, Fort Yamhill, OR, Frederick T. Dent, Fort Hoskins, OR, Christopher C. Auger, DeLancey Floyd-Jones, William T. Sherman, Fort Ridgely, Winfield Scott, William B. Hazen, Jefferson Barracks, MO, John E. Wool


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