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Kittery Garrisons & Blockhouses (edit list)
Loc ID Rank First Name Garrison Name Location List Fam/Mil/People Notes
ME00 Shorey's Fort 1650s
ME00 John Neal's Garrison 1650s
ME00 John Heard's Garrison 1650s
ME00 Nicholas Frost's Garrison 1650s
ME00 Major Joseph Hammond's Garrison 1650s
ME00 Spencer's Garrison 1650s
ME00 Deacon Daniel Emery's Garrison 1650s
ME00 Steven Emery's Garrison 1650s
ME00 John Morrell's Garrison Lower Kittery 1690
ME00 John Shapleigh's Garrison Lower Kittery 1690
ME00 Joseph Hammond's Garrison Lower Kittery 1690
ME00 John Alcock's Garrison Lower Kittery 1690
ME00 Joseph Wilson's Garrison Lower Kittery 1690
ME00 William Pepperrell's Garrison Lower Kittery 1690
ME00 Widow Champernowne's Garrison Lower Kittery 1690
ME00 Major Charles Frost's Garrison Upper Kittery 1690
ME00 Benoni Hodsdon's Garrison Upper Kittery 1690
ME00 Jonathan Nason's Garrison Upper Kittery 1690
ME00 Daniel Stone's Garrison Upper Kittery 1690
ME00 Ensign Thomas Abbot's Garrison Upper Kittery 1690
ME00 Richard Nason's Garrison Upper Kittery 1690
ME00 William Spencer's Garrison Upper Kittery 1690
ME00 Thomas Holmes' Garrison Upper Kittery 1690
ME00 Maj. Plaisted's Garrison 1711 Fam=14 Mil=4 Peo=74
ME00 Mr. Key's Garrison 1711 Fam=6 Mil=2 Peo=25
ME00 Quamphegan Garrison 1711 Fam=6 Mil=0 Peo=20
ME00 Mr. Chadbourne's Garrison 1711 Fam=5 Mil=1 Peo=30
ME00 Capt. Hill's Garrison 1711 Fam=8 Mil=3 Peo=21
ME00 Mr. Spencer's Garrison 1711 Fam=10 Mil=4 Peo=100
ME00 Mr. Walker's Garrison 1711 Fam=9 Mil=2 Peo=60
ME00 Mr. Emery's Garrison 1711 Fam=7 Mil=0 Peo=14
ME00 Mr. Hubbard's Garrison 1711 Fam=6 Mil=3 Peo=19
ME00 Mr. Lord's Garrison 1711 Fam=5 Mil=0 Peo=25
ME00 Mr. Neal's Garrison 1711 Fam=10 Peo=70
ME00 Mr. Nason's Garrison 1711 Fam=3 Peo=12
ME00 Mr. Whittum's Garrison 1711 Fam=5 Peo=20
ME00 Capt. Heard's Garrison 1711 Fam=2 Mil=2 Peo=10
ME00 Lt. Frost's Garrison 1711 Fam=2 Mil=2 Peo=10
ME00 Hodson's Garrison 1711
ME00 Andrew Neal's Garrison 1720
ME00 John Gowen's Garrison 1720
ME00 Jonathan Nason's Garrison 1720
ME00 Samuel Jr. Snall's Garrison 1720
ME00 Capt. John Heard's Garrison 1720
ME00 Maj. Charles Frost's Garrison 1720
ME00 John Sr. Morrell's Garrison 1720
ME00 Capt. Nicholas Shapleigh's Garrison 1720
ME00 Capt. John Leighton Garrison 1720
ME00 David Jr Libby's Garrison 1720
ME00 Joseph Hill's Garrison 1720
ME00 John Staple's Garrison 1720
ME00 Maj. Joseph Hammond's Garrison 1720
ME00 Widow Spinney's Garrison 1720
ME00 John Dennet's Garrison 1720
ME00 Richard Sr. King's Garrison 1720
ME00 Joseph Curtis' Garrison 1720
ME00 Richard Rogers' Garrison 1720
ME00 John Adams' Garrison 1720
ME00 Robert Cutt's Garrison 1720
ME00 Lt. Elihu Gunnison's Garrison 1720
ME00 Nathaniel Leach's Garrison 1720
ME00 Nathaniel Keen's Garrison 1720
ME00 Rev. John Newmarch's Garrison 1720
ME00 Samuel Hutchins' Garrison 1720
ME00 Nicholas Weeks' Garrison 1720
ME00 Andrew Lewis's Garrison 1720
ME00 Col. William Pepperrell's Garrison 1720
ME00 Widow Wilson's Garrison 1720
ME00 Ebenezer More's Garrison 1720
ME00 Richard Cutt's Garrison 1720
ME00 Clement Deering's Garrison 1720
ME00 Robert Eliot's Garrison 1722
ME00 Daniel Furbush's Garrison 1722 With Forguson & Shorey families
ME00 Andrew Neal's Garrison 1722 With Emery, Goold & Heard families
ME00 John Gowen's Garrison 1722 With Nicholas Gowen & Weed families
ME00 Johathon Nason's Garrison 1722 With Goold, Waymouth, Snow & Stacy families
ME00 Jr. Samuel Small's Garrison 1722 Families from mouth of Sturgeon Creek to Frosts, Johnson & Smith
ME00 Capt. John Heard's Garrison 1722 With James Heard to David Sawyer families Inclusively.
ME00 Nicho Morrell's Garrison At Ferry 1722 Wm Fry to John Morrell Jr families inclusively
ME00 Samuel Hill's Garrison 1722 Samuel Hill Jr, James Davis, Ebenezer Dennet, Nathl Chapman familys
ME00 Capt. Nicho Shapleigh's Garrison 1722 With Michael Kennards to his own house inclusively
ME00 Capt. John Leighton' Garrison 1722 With Renja March, Joseph Pilsbury, John Richardson familys
ME00 Mr. John Rogers' Garrison 1722 From his own home to Daniel Fogg and Daniel Fogg Jr. Inclusively
ME00 David Libby's Garrison 1722 From Jas Staples to Thomas Hanscoms Inclusively
ME00 Major Joseph Hammond's Garrison 1722 From Stephen Tobey, Samll Tobey, Samll Green, Daniel Green, John Rogers, Abram Cross familys
ME00 John Lydston's Garrison 1722 From Peter Staples to Danll Pauls families inclusively
ME00 Mr. Richard King's Garrison 1722 From John Pauls to lower end of Spinneys point
ME00 Mr. John Staple's Garrison 1722 From Wm. Brooks to Jacob Remick Jr. families inclusively
ME00 Mr. John Fernald Garraison 1722 From Richard Gowell Jr. to Thomas Coles inclusively.
ME00 Mr. John Adams' Garrison 1722 From Nathl Fernald, Wm Worster families
ME00 Mr. John Newmarch's Garrison 1722 From James Spinneys to Widow Tripes with Walter Denne ford
ME00 Mr. Robert Cutt's Garrison 1722 From Benja Fernald to Francis Winkleys
ME00 Mr. Elihu Gunison's Garrison 1722 From John Pearses whole Neck downward familys
ME00 Nathl Kene's Garrison 1722 From Nathl Leaches to Kenes house, Except John Shepard posted at Rogerses
ME00 Richard Rogers. Garrison 1722 John Shepard,Jerem Spinney, Moses Stevens, Paul Williams, John Manson, Francis Pettegrew, Wm Rogers, Wm Stanley, & Richd Pope families
ME00 Mr. Joseph Curtis' Garrison 1722 From James Stariot, James Stariot Jr., Peter Stariot, Nathll Fernald, James Brideen, Jr., Wm Wilson, John Crocker, Samll Johnson, Jr., families
ME00 Dodavah Curtis' Garrison 1722 From Samll Johnson, Withers Berry, Benja Hammons, Nicholas Weekes families
ME00 Joseph Wilson's Garrison 1722 From John Benson, Thomas Hutchins, Enoch Hutchins & John Dealing families
ME00 Andrew Lewis's Garrison 1722 From Andw Haley, Peter Lewis, John Hutchins, George Fenix, Thos Morgrage & Moses Downer Families
ME00 Danl Hutchins' Garrison 1722 From Jonathan Hutchins, John Chapman families
ME00 Widow Wilson's Garrison 1722 From Joseph Weekes, Saml Skillin, Gowen Wilson, John Wilson & Wm Haley familys
ME00 Ebenezer More's Garrison 1722 From John Ingersol to Wm Tucker Inclusively
ME00 Joseph Crockett's Garrison 1722 From Francis Smart, Nathl Hix, Jno Norton, Alexandr Macquinery, with young men on duty there, and families
ME00 Henry Barter's Garrison 1722 Thomas Ball, James Grendal, Ebenr Emory, Zacheus Beal, Wm Roberts & Widdow Crockett, and families
ME00 Col Wm Pepperrell's Garrison 1722 From Thomas Dearings to Kittery Point Meeting house inclusively
ME00 Roger Mitchell's Garrison 1722 From Wm Racklifts to Clement Dearings Inclusively
ME00 Saml Ford's Garrison 1722 From his own house to Foyes Inclusively
ME00 Joseph Mitchell's Garrison 1722 From Joseph Billings to John Whitney inclusively
ME00 Esq Chas Frost's Garrison 1722 Own house
ME00 Esq Robert Eliot's Garrison 1722 Own house
ME00 Mr. Richf Cutt's Garrison 1722 Own house
ME00 James Chadbourne's garrison 1722 Own house
ME00 Richd Mitchell's Garrison 1722 Own house
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