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Benicia Barracks Partial Commanders List (edit list)
Assumed Relieved Rank Name Cullum Notes
1849 1849 Bvt. Lt. Colonel Casey, Silas 467
1849 1853 Major Seawell, Washington 411
1853 1856 Lt. Colonel Nauman, George 333
1857 1859 Lt. Colonel Merchant, Charles S. 92
1860 1861 Lt. Colonel Andrews, George 344
1861-03-09 1861 Colonel Seawell, Washington 411
1862 1863 Colonel Forman, Ferris N/A 4th California Vol Inf
1863-04-01 1864-02 Colonel Black, Henry M. 1354 4th California Vol Inf
1864 1865 Lt. Colonel Hooker, Ambrose N/A 6th California Vol Inf
1865-10 1865-12 Major Allen, Harvey 1073
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The Cullum Number is the graduation order from the United States Military Academy by year and class rank and links to a page for the officer on the website version of the Cullum Register. Listings without a Cullum Number indicate that the person was not a graduate of the United States Military Academy.
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