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Fort Keogh was never known as "Camp Crook" or "Camp Merritt" or "Elk River." I am the City Historic Preservation Officer in Miles City MT, the town adjacent to Fort Keogh and founded to provide services to the Fort. Camp Crook was and still is in South Dakota. I believe Camp Merritt was in either Ashland or Lame Deer. Elk River must have been somewhere near an Elk River. Fort Keogh was on the confluence of the Tongue and the Yellowstone.

The water wagon building was constructed later than 1883 and was badly restored recently. The flagpole was erected around 1903. I have photos of the flagpole, which was the mast of a ship, being installed. They were taken by Army Photographer Christian Barthelmess.

Hi Amorette, welcome to Fort Wiki and thanks for your input. I checked the sources for the information in this article and you are correct, those three names were not associated with Fort Keogh. Suspect that my fat fingers are to blame but it is hard to tell. Thanks for the correction and the other information. You can edit and add any information you have to these pages and even upload the flag pole picture yourself, this is a wiki. If you are not comfortable making changes yourself just send them to me by email to All contributions welcome. Thanks again John 20:53, 27 December 2009 (UTC)
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