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Soloman Litton Sr.

Soloman Litton (1751-1843) - Born Soloman Caleb Litton 22 Dec 1751 in Fincastle, Washington County, Virginia Colony,(2, 3, 4, 5). Died 24 Feb 1843 in Russell, Virginia, USA (3, 5) at age 91, and was buried Feb 1843 in Soloman Litton Hollow Cemetery, Russell County, Virginia.(5)

Death Notes: Family bible indicates Soloman died in 1844 while cemetery records indicate it was in 1843.


  • John Richard Litton (1726-1804) Born 4 Jul 1726 Rockville, Maryland Colony. Died 1 Jan 1804 Russell County, Virginia.


  • Sarah Ann Wilcoxen (1728-1808) Born 29 Feb 1728 Rockville, Maryland Colony. Died 13 Jan 1808 in Virginia.


  • Martha Sharpe Dunkin (1756-1821) Born 27 Sep 1756 Lancaster, Pennsylvania Colony. Died 31 Mar 1821 Elk Garden, Russell County, Virginia. Married 24 May 1774 in Virginia.
  • Marta Mowhawk (1773-1850) Born 1773 in Canada (3). Died 3 Apr 1850 in Virginia (3, 45) at age 77. Married after 1821.


Personal Description:

  • Height:
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• He served in the military in Hendly Moore's Company during Lord Dunmore's War, listed on 29 Sep 1774 in Glade Hollow Fort, Fincastle, Virginia Colony.(6)

• He served in the military in Capt. John Duncan's Company , Washington County Militia during the Revolutionary War starting from 26 Feb 1777 to 1784.(7) Commissioned as a Ensign on 26 Feb 1777 and Lieutenant on 19 Aug 1778. Fought against the British and the Indians.

Land Purchase: Claimed a preemption of 400 acres in Kentucky., 15 Jan 1780.(8)

Solomon Letten this day claimed a preemption of 400 Acres of land at the State price in the district of Kentucky lying on the Middle fork of Coopers run above F. Berrys claim to lands by making an Actual settlem't in the Month of March 1779 Satisfactory proof being made to the Court they are of Opinion that the s'd Letten has a right to a preemption of 400 Acres of land to include the above location & that a Cert issue Accordingly.

Captivity: Marched to and held captive at Fort Detroit in Quebec, Canada, 26 Jun 1780-18 Jul 1883, Fort Detroit, Quebec, Canada Province.(9) He was captured by the Shawnee Indians under British General Harry Bird at John Martin's Station with his family. They were marched 300 miles to Fort Detroit in Quebec, Canada. Soloman was separated from his family and sold as a slave to an Indian named Big Fish and kept at Shawnee Town near Fort Detroit. He was reunited with his family and finally released in 1883. Son Soloman Jr. was born in Fort Detroit just after their release.

The following Littons were listed as in Captivity, all captured in June 1780 at Licking Creek and released 18 Jul 1783 by order of General Haldermand.

Letter: To John Litton & James McLaughlin, 1 Mar 1781, Fort Detroit, Quebec, Canada Province.(10) The following was transcribed from Solomon's original letter, format and spelling is just as he wrote it... Urgent Dispatch Shannee Town near ye Fort Detroit In Providence ye Canada 1st ye March 1781

To my Kinsmen at ye Fort Elk Garden in ye Washington County Virginia. John Litton, Father & James McLaughlin, Brother in Law. Explaining my long absence of communicay due to being taken from the tilling of my field, by several breeds of savages on ye 26 June 1780 as a captive of the Shawnee's commanded by Brit. Gen. Harry Bird, under His Majesty out of ye Canada. My family all were marched a foot, 300 miles to ye Fort Detroit where I was sold to a savage called Big Fish as a slave, is my reason. I have been seperated from my family not knowing whence they were being held. I am fearful of their demise?

The urgency of this dispatch, if delivered, to have you take power of attorney to save and secure my property together with that of Captain John Duncan, also a prisoner of the enemy in ye Canada, from sezure by ye Commonwealth of Virginia for taxes. I had in ye spring marked out 400 acres joing Fran Berry on ye Cooper's Creek near ye Fort Martin. I am now fearful of sustaining it due to my absence. Present this dispatch to ye Attorney at Law at Abington or Blaksfort and take what ever steps needed to secure our Estates there.

Ruddles and Martins forts were cannoned balled and after surrender most inhabitants were massacred. Brains of infants on trees, some crushed under cart wheels. Ye older inhabited were gutted and drawn to the pleasure of ye spectators. Ye lassies were raped and scalped by ye savages. Fort burned and stock and fowl slautered. A horrible massacre not yet equaled in this country. On ye 27th June we marched down ye Licking 70 miles to ye big Miani (down ye Ohio) thence, up ye Miami to ye head of, thnnce over land 18 miles to ye Glaise [Auglaize] thence down it ye Lake Erie, put aboard ye boat Goge, floated across to ye River Detroit thence put aground at ye Fort Detroit. At which place I was taken to ye Shawnee Town, twenty miles distant. Of the 300 marchers taken 90 were count of reaching Fort Detroit. Me thinks Gen. Geo. Clark will be pursuit and liberate us? Please respond by same messenger to Major DePayster at ye Fort Detroit, a friend of the captives.

Your Kinsman & Patriot Lt. Solomon Litton

At a court held for Washington Co., VA, March 20, 1781, an order was recorded, apparently in response to the letter: "On motion of James Litton and John Laughlin and by consent of the court they are appointed Guardians of the estates of Captain John Dunkin and Solomon Litton, prisoners of the enemy in Canada, and to use all legal methods for saving and securing the said estates, whereupon they together with William Davison and John Vance entered into and acknowledged their bonds for eight thousand pounds for the faithful performance of the same."

[Solomon was released 1783. He was granted land in Russell Co VA for serving in the Militia. He died in Russell Co Feb 24 1844 at age 93]

[Summers, Lewis Preston. Annals of Southwest Virginia: 1769-1800. Part 2, p. 1072. Baltimore:Genealogical Publishing Co., 1978.]

Court Order: Ordered that Soloman Litton be a Ensign of the Militia, 20 Feb 1787, Russell, Virginia, USA.(11) "Soloman Litton gentleman produced a commission from his Excellency Patrick Henry Esquire Govenor of Virginia bearing the date fifth day of July 1786 appointing him Ensign of the militia in the county of Russell which commission was read and thereupon the said Soloman Litton took the oath of office as the law directs."

Court Order: Ordered that Soloman Litton be a Lieutenant in Capt. Browning's Company, 18 Apr 1787, Russell, Virginia, USA.(12) "Thomas Carter, Soloman Litton, Robert Tate and William Gilmore produced each of them a commission from His Excellency the Govenor appointing them Lieutenants in the militia of the county which several commissions was read and thereupon the said Thomas Carter, Soloman Litton, Robert Tate and William Gilmore gent... took the oath of office as the law directs." (Page 28) "Ordered that Soloman Litton be Lieutenant and Abraham Beavers Ensign in Capt. Browning's Company." (Page 27)

Land Purchase: 11 Apr 1788, Litton Hollow, Russell, Virginia, USA.(7) Bought 146 acres in the corner of the Clinch River and big Cedar Creek. The two hollows leading south from the Clinch River are known as Soloman Litton Hollow.

Military: Lt. Solomon Litten was one of the officers who presided at a court-martial, Jan 1789, Russell, Virginia, USA.(13)

Court Order: Ordered that Soloman Litton be a Captain in the militia, Aug 1791, Russell, Virginia, USA.(14) "Soloman Litton also produced a commission appointing him Captain, Lawerence Vanhook also produced Descendants of Soloman Caleb LITTON Sr. "Saul" a commission appointing him Lieutenant, Zachariah Fugate also produced a commission appointing him Ensign which several commissions were read and thereupon the said Andrew Conan, Soloman Litton, Lawrence Vanhook and Zachariah Fugate took the oath of office."

Court Order: 27 Nov 1793, Russell, Virginia, USA.15 Ordered that Solomon Litton be appointed Surveyor of the road in the room of Thomas Price and that Samuel Robinson gentleman furnish him with a list of titheables. Quarterly Court Session, Russell County, Virginia

Court Order: 26 May 1801, Russell, Virginia, USA.(16) This day Solomon Litton came into court and was qualified as an overseer of the poor in the Upper District of this county. Russell County Court.

• He was involved in a court case about establishing the legal heirs to the estate of William S Monk on 3 Mar 1834 in Russell, Virginia, USA.(17) Then this 3 day of March 1834 at a quarterly court held for Russell County in the State of Virginia to wit; Witness the affidavit of Solomon Litton Sr. that he doth duly testify that Francis Desmond Monk wife of William Samuel Monk Sr. is and has been his only spouse and true heir, that the said Fanny D. Monk is a sibling of Solomon Litton Sr. and a daughter of mutual parents to wit; John R Litton - Sarah Wilcox Witness the signature of affidavit this date: Solomon Caleb Litton [Seal]

• He appeared on the census in 1840 in Russell, Virginia, USA.18 Listed as a 90 to 100 year old head of household with 2 other unnamed adults and 6 children living with him.

• He had an estate probated on 2 May 1843 in Russell, Virginia, USA.(19) Soloman Litton's Will I Soloman Litton of Russell County and State of Virginia do hereby make my last will and testament in a manner form o following that is to say. 1st I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid. 2nd I give to my son Soloman Litton all my clothing and other property. 3rd All the residue of my estate I desire to be equally divided amongst my children, to wit, One note of hand on my son Soloman for four hundred dollars, also one note of hand on Caleb Litton, for thirty five dollars, and one on my son Burton Litton for twelve dollars. And lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint my son Soloman Litton Exectuor of my last will and testament , hereby revolking all other or former wills or Testaments by me heretofore made. In witness whereof I have hereto let my hand and affixed my seal this 22 Day of October 1842. Soloman Litton Seal Signed, sealed, published and delivered by Soloman Litton as and for his last Will and Testament in the presense and hearing of us, who at his request and in his presense have subscribed our names as witnesses. Attest George Cowan Wm Browning Note: Proven and recorded on the 2nd day of May 1843 Descendants of Soloman Caleb LITTON Sr. "Saul"

Soloman married Martha Sharpe DUNKIN, daughter of Thomas DUNKIN and Elizabeth ALEXANDER, on 24 May 1774 in Virginia, USA.(2, 3)

Soloman next married Marta MOHAWK3 after 1821 in Unknown. Marta was born in 1773 in Canada (3) and died on 3 Apr 1850 in Virginia, USA (3, 45) at age 77.

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