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Salt Ponds Military Reservation (1942-1946) - A U.S. Army Military Reservation established in 1942 during World War II near Key West in Monroe County, Florida. Abandoned in 1946.

Salt Ponds Military Reservation showing (L-R), Battery 232, Battery 232 BC Station on the Tower, Cantonment Area. The Radar Site is out of the Picture to the Left.


Procurement of the Salt Ponds Military Reservation was authorized in 1942. The reservation consisted of 85.8 Acres of marginal land located west of the then Meacham Field NAS and the East Martello Tower. Operated as a sub-post of nearby Fort Taylor (2).

Battery 232, a modern reinforced concrete battery, was constructed here along with a BC Station Tower and the Salt Ponds WWII Radar Site, both in support of Battery 232.

The cantonment area for Battery 232 and the Salt Ponds WWII Radar Site were located just to the east of the gun battery. The barracks and other buildings were made to resemble low-cost housing projects in the vicinity and the deception included dummy courts and houses. The two battery emplacements and the radar site buildings were covered in camouflage netting to reduce the silhouette. The October 1944 Hurricane damaged some of the concealment efforts at Key West installations.

After the end of the war, the radar site was declared obsolete in April 1946 and the equipment was ordered removed. The gun battery was deactivated later in 1946.

Current Status

Private Property in Key West, Monroe County, Florida. No public access. Much of the site is viewable from Government Road.

Location: Key West, Monroe County, Florida.

Maps & Images

Lat: 24.55706 Long: -81.76905

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  • HDKW-AN-45 - Supplement to the Harbor Defense Project, Harbor Defenses of Key West, Change 1, 4 Jun 1946


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