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SCR-584 Mobile Short Range Auto Tracking Radar Set - A Mobile Short Range Auto Tracking Radar set built by Westinghouse, General Electric and Chrysler during World War II. Initially developed by the MIT Radiation Laboratory as a gun laying radar using recently developed 2J32 magnetron tube as a microwave power source. The set operated on four frequencies between 2,700 and 2,800 MHz.

SCR-584 Exterior View.
SCR-584 at Peleliu, Antenna on Left is for the RC-184 IFF Set.
Sketch of SCR-584 Auto Tracking Radar Installation. Two units in front of the guns are for the M-9 Director. Unit on the left is the M-7 Generator.

The SCR-584 set had a search mode with a range of 40-50 miles and could switch to automatic tracking mode when the target reached within 18 miles. When in the tracking mode target data could be fed to position a nearby anti-aircraft gun battery. The set also presented azimuth and angular height to searchlight control station for directing searchlight as well as transmitting present azimuth, angular height, and altitude to M-4, M-7, or M-9 directors for gun-laying.

The set was self-contained, built on a K-78 trailer and meant for forward area deployment. Its gross weight was 10 short tons. The overall length was 19.5 feet, width was 8 feet, height 10 feet, 4 inches. A towed trailer contained a generator power source. Thirteen men could install the set and obtain approximate data in 2 hrs. Accurate orientation and alignment took 4 additional hours.

The SCR-584 was first used in combat at Anzio in February 1944, where it played a key role in breaking up German air attacks on the confined beachhead. Employed in England against the German V1 flying bombs it achieved remarkable success.

SCR-584 Auto Tracking Radar

SCR-584 Auto Tracking Radar
Element Value Notes
Nomenclature SCR-584
Variants SCR-584-A, SCR-584-B
Manufacturer Westinghouse (1,275)
Chrysler (1,275)
General Electric (1,275)
Type Auto Tracking Radar
Number Made 3,825 Original contract
IEEE Band S Band
Frequency 4 frequencies between 2,700 and 2,800 MHz
PRF 1707 pps
Pulse Width 0.8 us
RF Power 250 kW peak
Antenna Diameter 6 feet Conical scan
Rotation Speed 5 rpm Search mode
Beam width to
half power points
4 degrees
Range 39.7 mi Search
18.2 mi Auto track
Short Range
Range Error 25 yards
Azimuth Error 1 mil (0.06 degree)
Elevation Accuracy 1 mil (0.06 degree)
IFF RC-184 MK-3 IFF Set
AC Power 115 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase,
10 kVA maximum (without IFF)
Some early units used 400hz power
M7 Generator furnished
Introduced May 1943 1st Production model
SCR-584 Operator Console.
M-7 Generator Set with all Panels Open.

SCR-584 Radar Set Manuals:

  • TM 11-1324 - Radio sets SCR-584-A and SCR-584-B technical operation manual
  • TM 11-1424 - Radio sets SCR-584-A and SCR-584-B preventive maintenance manual
  • TM 11-1524 - Radio sets SCR-584-A and SCR-584-B service manual

RC-184 IFF Set Manuals:

  • TM 11-1332 - Technical operation manual: Radio equipment RC-184
  • TM 11-1432 - Preventive maintenance manual: Radio equipment RC-184
  • TM 11-1532 - Service manual: Radio equipment RC-184

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