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Redoubt 2 - West Point (1779-1783) - A Revolutionary War Redoubt established in 1779 on the present day military reservation of the United States Military Academy in Orange County, New York. Abandoned at the end of the war in 1783.

Redoubt 2 Observation Tower
Redoubt 2 Interior Detail
Redoubt 2 from the Observation Tower, the Detached Gun Battery can be seen as a rock line in the Photo Background


Part of Fortress West Point.

Designed as a modified classic hexagonal redoubt by Colonel Thaddeus Kosciusko with five sides of about 30' requiring and one short side of about 7'-8'. The Redoubt required about 160 men for its defense. The terrain dictated the modified hexagonal design. It was described as “the same as No. 1, No bomb proofs.”

The redoubt had one detached gun battery southwest of the redoubt with six embrasures but reported with only two 9-pounders in 1780.

Current Status

Stabilized remains on the military reservation of the United States Military Academy, Orange County, New York. An observation tower overlooks the Redoubt site. The detached gun battery wall and trace is easily seen immediately southwest of the Redoubt. On active Military installation and access may be restricted.

Location: United States Military Academy, West Point, Orange County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.3782767 Long: -73.9775551

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  • Elevation: 781'

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