Rarig Engineering Company

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Rarig Engineering Company

Established 1868

Columbus, Ohio

Rarig Engineering Company 1903.jpg

This drawing from 1903 is much closer to the actual Rarig Engineering Company facility as built. It consisted of three buildings. The main building was 650 foot long by 130 feet wide. The center section had 38 foot ceilings and was 50 feet wide. A 20 ton crane ran the entire length of the building. The building was divided into four separate departments: machine and erecting department, smithing department, foundry department, and boiler, bridge and structural iron department. Attached to the main building is the electric generating and power building. The next building was the pattern shop and storage building which was 257 feet long by 52 1/2 feet wide. The third building was the office.

"The Rarig Co. built Corliss steam engines for mill, factory and electrical services; engines for blast furnaces and rolling mill service; engines for mine hoisting and ventilating; air compressor and waterworks pumping engines; tubular steam boilers; steel self supporting chimneys; water towers and stand pipes; structural iron work; highway and railroad bridges and iron substructures. The works are specially fitted with tools for the building of mortar and gun carriages and other government work." - Columbus Citizen 1/30/1903


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