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Mewata Armoury (1917-Present) - A Canadian Federal Armoury and Drill Hall established in 1917 during World War I in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Active military armoury.

Mewata Armoury South End
Mewata Armoury Front Tank Display
Mewata Armoury Front (East Side)


Mewata Armoury Front Entrance

Established in 1917 as a part of a program to reform and expand the Active Volunteer Canadian Militia during World War I. During World War I, the armoury was used as an induction and training center and at the end of the war as a demobilization center for returning soldiers.

During World War II the armoury housed a substantial training camp and temporary wooden structures were added to the grounds to house the overflow of trainees.

The armoury was originally built as a large rectangular brick structure with rooms (now administrative offices) along the two long side enclosing a large central parade. A second floor balcony has largely been enclosed. Towers guard each corner of the building and a large troop door flanked by towers is centered at the front.

Current Status

Mewata Armoury Plaque

Active armoury.

Location: 801 11th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Maps & Images

Lat: 51.045833 Long: -114.088889



Visited: 2 Jul 2014


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