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Leon Springs Military Reservation (1907-Present) - A U.S. Army military reservation established in 1907-1908 north of San Antonio in Bexar County, Texas. Active military reservation, hosting Texas National Guard, Reserve, and Federal components. Includes Camp Bullis and Camp Stanley also known as Camp Funston (2)


Initial 17,273 acres of land acquired in 1907-1908 near Leon Springs, Bexar County, Texas. The reservation was intended to provide firing ranges and maneuver areas for units stationed at Fort Sam Houston. In the buildup for World War I, the reservation was first designated Camp Funston, after Major General Frederick Funston who commanded the Southern District and who died at San Antonio 8 May 1917. There was already another Camp Funston (1) in Kansas so the Leon Springs Reservation was quickly renamed Camp Stanley for Brigadier General David S. Stanley, a commander of the Department of Texas.

An additional 16,00 acres was leased in September 1917 and was designated as Camp Bullis after Brigadier General John Lapham Bullis, U.S. Civil War veteran who saw service in the Indian wars and the Spanish American War. By the end of World War I, the Leon Springs Military Reservation encompassed over 32,000 acres and over 1.3 million dollars had been spent on improvements. The San Antonio Arsenal was moved from downtown San Antonio to Camp Stanley in 1937 and expanded to cover 1,760 acres.

In 1990 the Leon Springs Military Reservation included both Camp Bullis and Camp Stanley on 26,000 acres of land.

Current Status

Active military installation that includes Camp Bullis and Camp Stanley in Bexar County, Texas

Location: Active Military Installation, Bexar County, Texas.

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Lat: 29.691035 Long: -98.570023

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  • Elevation: 1,115'



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