Goshute Treaty (1863)

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Goshute Treaty (1863) - The Goshute Treaty of 1863 was a treaty between U.S. Government and Gosh-Ute tribe signed on 13 Oct 1863 in Tooele Valley to end the Overland War of 1863.

The treaty was a peace treaty and did not involve land cession or sovereignty.

The Gosh-Ute agreed to:

  1. end all hostile actions against the whites.
  2. allow several routes of travel to pass through their country.
  3. the construction of military posts and station houses wherever necessary.
  4. stage lines, telegraph lines, and railways could be built throughout their domain.
  5. mines, mills, and ranches would be permitted and timber could be cut.

The U.S. Government agreed to:

  1. pay the Gosh-Utes $1,000.00 a year for twenty years as compensation for the destruction of their game.

The treaty was signed on 13 Oct 1863.

The treaty was ratified in 1864 and announced by President Abraham Lincoln on 17 Jan 1865.

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