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Fort Wayne (1) (1794-1819) - First established in 1794 just after the decisive battle of Fallen Timbers during the Northwest Territory Indian War. The fort was established by General "Mad" Anthony Wayne and named after him. The first Fort Wayne was a stockaded post with a few buildings that lasted until 1815 when a second, larger fort was built nearby. Finally abandoned in 1819.

Fort Wayne Bastion
Fort Wayne Barracks Interior
Fort Wayne Reproduction

Northwest Territory Indian War

The first American post was built in 1794 after General Wayne's victory at Fallen Timbers. The location of the fort was at the strategic junction where the St. Marys and the St. Joseph Rivers join to form the Maumee River. This point was important because it could control water access to a large area of the midwest. The post was first constructed as an earthworks fort, it was rebuilt as a stockade with a blockhouse in the center and at two ends. A separate blockhouse was located close to the river bank.

War of 1812

The upgraded fort withstood an Indian siege in 1812. A new bigger fort was constructed by troops under the command of Maj. John Whistler in the winter of 1815-1816 just north of the first location. This new fort was sophisticated for the time with two-story log chinked buildings forming the walls on all four sides. Two, two-story blockhouses were placed at opposite corners. The fort was abandoned in 1819.

Current Status

A reproduction of the second fort originally built by Maj. John Whistler in 1815-16 stands in Historic Old Fort Park on Spy Run Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana (R). The original fort marker location is at the intersection of Clay Street and Berry Street (1). the second location is at the intersection of Main Street and Clay Street (2).

Location: Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.085531 Long: -85.136328



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