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Camp Warner (2) (1867-1874) - Established on 1 Sep 1867 by Federal troops who had just abandoned Camp Warner (1). Named for Bvt. Captain William H. Warner (Cullum 851). Abandoned on 2 Oct 1874. Also known as Fort Warner and New Camp Warner.

New Camp Warner 2006
New Camp Warner 1872


The second Camp Warner was a more permanent post built with logs and room enough for 280 men. General George Crook (Cullum 1573) made it his headquarters for several months during his Indian campaign and his wife joined him there.

Current Status

Several flat spots and indents from Officer’s Quarters and Enlisted Men’s barrack still remain. The rock floor from the Cavalry Stable is still visible in several areas. Other than that not much remains besides various kinds of surface debris such as square nails and assorted items of that nature.

Location: Fremont National Forest, request a map and guidance from the rangers at the headquarters at the northern edge of Lakeview, Lake County, Oregon, on US 395.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.39833 Long: -120.13639

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  • Elevation: 5678'

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Fortification ID:

  • OR0181 - Camp Warner (2)
  • OR0183 - Fort Warner
  • OR0182 - New Camp Warner

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