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Fort Verde (1864-1890) - An Arizona fort first established in January 1864 by Ltc. J. Francisco Chavez, 1st New Mexico Infantry. Moved several times before the current site was selected in 1871. Finally named Fort Verde, 5 Apr 1879, after the location of the Fort. Also known as Camp Lincoln (2) and Camp Verde (1). Abandoned in 1890.

Fort Verde Quarters
Fort Verde Museum/Admin Building


Established in response to requests from farmers and miners for protection from raiding Apache Indians in 1864. The first temporary post was established by 1st New Mexico Infantry troops on the west bank of the Verde River. The site proved to be unhealthy and was moved to a site a mile from the Verde River. Differing accounts indicate that there were three moves and on some differing dates. U.S. Army regulars garrisoned the Fort starting in September 1866.

In 1873 the Rio Verde Indian Reservation was established and nearly 1500 Indians from various bands were placed on the 800 square mile reservation. Congress ordered the entire population moved to the San Carlos Agency near Globe in 1875. The former Rio Verde reservation was then opened to miners and settlers in 1877 and the U.S. Army at Fort Verde was charged with keeping the Indians on the new reservation.

The post was ordered abandoned per G.O. 43, 10 Apr 1890, and transferred to the Interior Department on 14 Oct 1890. Some elements of the 9th U.S. Infantry continued to man the post until 25 Apr 1891.

Current Status

State Historic Park. Four restored fort buildings are available for visitors, Commanding Officer's Quarters, Officer's Quarters, Doctor's Quarters, and the Administration building/ Museum.

Location: Fort Verde State Historic Park, Fort Verde, Yavapai County, Arizona.

Maps & Images

Lat: 34.564927 Long: -111.852818

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  • Elevation: 3,151'

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Fortification ID:

  • AZ0285 - Fort Verde
  • AZ0283 - Camp Verde (1)
  • AZ0119 - Camp Lincoln (2)

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