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Fort Tompkins (1) (1807-1946) - Established as a masonry Second System fort in 1807 and rebuilt as a Third System fort in 1847 on Staten Island, Richmond County, New York. Named after New York Governor Daniel D. Tompkins.

Fort Tompkins (1) Above, Fort Richmond Below.


Established on Staten Island to protect the Narrows leading into New York Harbor and to protect the landward approach to Fort Richmond (1) below.

The original Fort Tompkins (1) was a regular pentagon with circular bastions on the seaward corners. The second Fort Tompkins (1) was a five sided fort built on the site of the original and without the circular bastions. The fort had two tiers of casemates without gun openings and all the seacoast cannons were mounted on the third level. The casemates themselves were fitted out as quarters for the troops from Fort Tompkins (1) and Fort Richmond (1) below.

Current Status

Today a part of the Fort Wadsworth complex that includes Fort Tompkins (1), Fort Richmond (1), Battery Weed and several Endicott Period Batteries all part of the National Park Service Gateway National Recreation Area on Staten Island.

Location: Staten Island, Richmond County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.60496 Long: -74.056628



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