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Fort Robidoux (1) (1832-1844) - A fur trading post also known as Fort Uintah and Fort Winty. First established as Reed Trading Post in 1828 by William Reed and James Reed. Antoine Robidoux purchased the Reed Trading Post in 1832 and expanded the fort and the trading business. Abandoned in 1844 after hostile Ute Indians burned the fort.


Robidoux built his fur trading business against competition from Fort Davy Crockett, the American Fur Company and the Hudson's Bay Company by sharp business practices and some illegal activity. Kit Carson, Miles Goodyear, Marcus Whitman, Joe Meeks, Capt. John C. Fremont, August Archambeaux, Rufus Sage, and the Reverend Joseph Williams all were visitors at the fort.

The Fort was attacked and burned by hostile Ute Indians in August 1844, perhaps because of the illegal activities that included cheating the Indians, prostitution and slavery of Indian women and children. He also sold guns and alcohol to the Ute tribe.

Current Status


Location: Fort Robidoux Historical Monument, Uintah County, Utah.

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Lat: 40.4582895 Long: -109.9170945

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  • Elevation: 5,948'


Visited: No

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