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Fort Milam (2) (1839-184?) - Established in Jan 1839 by Captain Joseph Daniels's Milam Guards company from Houston in response to hostile Indian attacks. Name changed to Fort Burleson 26 Aug 1839 for Edward Burleson, commander of the Army of the Republic of Texas.

Fort Milam History

The fort was "150 feet square, built of Cedar pickets doubl[e] banked, eleven feet high with bastions at each angle." The fort was manned by a succession of volunteer companies until August 1839 when Company D, Republic of Texas regulars arrived. When the regulars moved to Camp Chambers in the spring of 1840 the fort passed into private hands and was manned by citizens until the Indian threat subsided.

Current Status

Location: On the east bank of the Brazos river, 2 miles south of Marlin, Falls County, Texas.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.250400 Long: -96.9203


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