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Fort McKenzie (1833-1844) - Established in 1833 by David Dawson Mitchell for Kenneth McKenzie of the American Fur Company. Built as a replacement for the destroyed Fort Piegan (1) six miles downstream. Named after Kenneth McKenzie. Abandoned and burned down in 1844. Also known as Fort Piegan (2), Blackfoot Post and Fort Brule (1), ("burned fort").


Built as a stockaded 1,420' square fur trading post with two blockhouses at opposing corners armed with several cannons. The post was located along the Missouri River about six miles upstream from the confluence with the Marias River. The trading post operated until the spring of 1844 when another trader, François Chardon, and his men massacred a number of Blackfeet Indians. This massacre and the resulting threat of retributions forced the post to be abandoned. François Chardon and his men burned abandoned Fort McKenzie and established a post of their own, (Fort Chardon), at the mouth of the Judith River. The burnt fort was thereafter referred to as Fort Brule, ("burned fort").

Current Status

The exact site is unknown and sources differ about the location. The map point shown here is from the GNIS dataset.

Location: Chouteau County, Montana.
Map point may not be accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 47.878861 Long: -110.50271

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  • Elevation: 2,569'

GPS Locations:

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Fortification ID:

  • MT0134 - Fort McKenzie
  • MT0158 - Fort Piegan (2)
  • MT0013 - Blackfoot Post
  • MT0019 - Fort Brule (1)

Visited: Area 15 Aug 2016

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