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Fort McCoy (1909-Present) - First established in 1909 as Camp Robinson renamed Camp McCoy in 1926 and Fort McCoy in 1974. Named in G.O. 22, 19 Nov 1926, after MG Robert Bruce McCoy, World War I veteran, who died 5 Jan 1926. Active U.S. Army military Base.

Fort McCoy Sign

World War I

Used to train World War I artillery units. The post became the Sparta Ordnance Depot in 1919 after the end of the war and that function lasted until 1923. In 1933-1935 the post was designated as Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) supply post.

World War II

At the beginning of World War II the post was expanded and reopened as a training base and POW camp on 30 Aug 1942. At the peak during World War II, the post population was about 35,000. On 11 May 1945, the post became a separation center for returning troops. The last Japanese prisoners of war left Camp McCoy on 5 Oct 1945. Training ended in 1946.

Camp McCoy was reactivated for the Korean War in 9 Aug 1950 and deactivated again after the war on 1 Feb 1953.

The post was renamed Fort McCoy by G.O. 45, 30 Sep 1974, and became a U.S. Army year-round training post.

Current Status

Active U.S. Army military post.

Location: Near Sparta, Monroe County, Wisconsin.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.0390686 Long: -90.676619

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  • Elevation: 912'



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