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Fort Loyal (1680-1690) - Established as a colonial log palisaded fort in 1680 in present day Portland, Cumberland County, Maine. Captured by the French in 1690 and destroyed. Also known as Fort Loyall. Assigned Location ID ME00069.

Fort Loyal Plaque Location
Fort Loyal Location on Portland Waterfront
Fort Loyal Plaque


Established as a colonial log palisaded fort and settler refuge in 1680 and by 1890 had four blockhouses and mounted eight guns. The fort was captured by the French and their Indian allies in May 1690. The fort was under the command of Captain Sylvanus Davis who surrendered the fort on condition that the occupants be spared. The French under Sieur de Portneuf violated the agreement and all but Captain Davis and four others were massacred. The fort was burned down.

Current Status

Plaque only on a waterfront building in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine

Location: At the waterfront end of India Street in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.659511 Long: -70.248191

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