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Fort Goliad (1749-1842) - First established as Presidio La Bahia in 1749 by the Spanish Army in present day Goliad County, Texas. Control passed to Mexico after the Mexican War of Independence and to Texican control after the Texas Revolution. Known as Fort Defiance (1) and Fort Goliad during the Texas Revolution. Abandoned in 1842. Also known as Fort Bahia.

Presidio La Bahia Chapel
Presidio La Bahia Bastion
Presidio La Bahia Entrance


Presidio La Bahia Entrance Door
Presidio La Bahia Marker

The Presidio La Bahia was twice captured by Mexican rebels during the Mexican War of Independence (1810–1821) but recaptured by Spanish troops. At the start of the Texas Revolution (1835-1836) a group of Texians captured the Mexican garrison and took control of the Presidio La Bahia, which they named Fort Goliad and later renamed Fort Defiance (1). Texian Colonel James W. Fannin, Jr. rebuilt the fort which was later captured by Mexican General Jose de Urrea. Colonel Fannin and the garrison abandoned the fort but were later captured and killed by the Mexicans in the infamous Goliad Massacre on 27 Mar 1836.

The Presidio La Bahia was restored between 1963 and 1968 to look exactly as originally constructed.

Current Status

Presidio La Bahia is owned and operated by the Catholic Diocese of Victoria in Goliad County, Texas.

Location: Presidio La Bahia, Goliad County, Texas.

Maps & Images

Lat: 28.645904 Long: -97.382226

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  • Elevation: 184'



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