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Fort George (2) (1842-1845) - Established as a stockaded fur trading post in 1842 by the Union Fur Company. Abandoned and burned to the ground in 1845.


Established in 1842 by representatives of the Union Fur Company (Ebbetts, Cutting and Kelsey) as a substantial stockaded fur trading post, 155' by 165', with projecting blockhouses on opposing corners. The post buildings had adobe fireplaces and were separated from the stockage walls by an alley.

The hope was that a substantial trading post and sharp trading practices could give the dominant American Fur Company some competition in the fur trade. The Union Fur Company had hoped to gain an advantage over theAmerican Fur Company trading posts in the area by trading liquor for robes and furs. The plan failed and in May of 1845 the Union Fur Company sold out to the American Fur Company and abandoned the fur trade on the Upper Missouri and at Fort George. A band of Sioux Indians briefly occupied the fort but in the end the fort was burned to the ground at the instigation of the American Fur Company representatives.

Current Status


Location: Stanley County, South Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.2844277 Long: -100.0434569

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  • Elevation: 1,427'



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