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Fort Fisher (1) (1837-1837) - Established in 1837 by Captain Thomas H. Barron's company of Texas Rangers and named after Secretary of War William S. Fisher. Fisher had deployed the rangers to protect settlers after a Comanche raid at Fort Parker near Groesbeck.

Texas Ranger Museum at the site of Fort Fisher
Texas Ranger Museum at the site of Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher (1) History

The fort was initally occupied in February 1837 by Captain Barron's men and other Texas Rangers but proved to be poorly located and was abandoned around June 1837.

Current Status

The Fort was reconstructed in 1968 as a home for the Colonel Homer Garrison Museum and serves as headquarters for Company F of the Texas Rangers. In 1976 the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum was added to the complex.

Location: Fort Fisher Park adjacent to I35 in Waco, McLennan County, Texas

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.555518 Long: -97.118948


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