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Fort Dodge (1) (1865-1882) - First established in 1865 by Brigadier General Washington l. Elliott. Probably named for Colonel Henry Dodge, 1st U.S. Dragoons. Abandoned in 1882.

Fort Dodge 1867 Barracks
Fort Dodge Hospital & Barracks
Fort Dodge Commanding Officer Quarters


Fort Dodge Markers

Established to protect travelers on the Santa Fe Trail against hostile Indians. The post was built just east of Dodge City, Kansas, 9 Sep 1865, on the north bank of the Arkansas River in Ford County, Kansas. Initially constructed of sod huts and rebuilt with stone in 1867, it eventually became a four company post.

The post was abandoned 2 Oct 1882 and turned over to the Interior Department for disposition 12 Jan 1885. On 2 Mar 1889, Congress authorized transfer of the post to the Fort Dodge Solders Home and it opened 1 Jan 1890.

Current Status

Fort Dodge Museum and Library

Currently the Fort Dodge Soldiers Home. Some original buildings remain including the commanding officers quarters, the hospital, the mortuary and two stone barracks. The 1867 building currently housing the Fort Dodge Museum and library served in several capacities over the years including a granary and commodities storage.

Location: East of Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas.

Maps & Images

Lat: 37.731549 Long: -99.935986

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  • Elevation: 2,454'



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