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Fort Borst (1856-1856) - The blockhouse was erected by Oregon Volunteers, Captain Francis Goff and five soldiers, for protection of the Chehalis river crossing and for storage of supplies needed by troops engaged in the Washington Indian Wars. Also Known as Borst's Blockhouse.

Fort Borst Blockhouse circa 1899, original location. (University of Washington Archive)
Fort Borst Blockhouse 2005
Fort Borst Blockhouse 2020


After the Washington Indian War, Joseph Borst bought the blockhouse from the government for $500 and used it as a granary. Originally the blockhouse was located on the Chehalis River just beyond the mouth of the Skookumchuck River in front of the Borst House. In 1919 it was moved to Riverside Park and in 1922, to the present site in Fort Borst Park.

Location: Exit 82 off I5, Centralia, Lewis County, Washington

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Lat: 46.726757 Long: -122.97967

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  • Elevation: 165'

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  • WA0089 - Fort Borst
  • WA0090 - Borst's Blockhouse

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