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Fort Randolph (3) (1774-1779, 1785-1792) - A Revolutionary War era Fort initially established in 1774 as Camp Point Pleasant later as Fort Blair in 1776, rebuilt as Fort Randolph and named after Peyton Randolph, president of the Second Continental Congress who died in 1775 . Abandoned in 1779 but rebuilt again in 1785 for the Northwest Indian War. Finally abandoned in 1792. Note: during these periods the fort site was in Virginia, the State of West Virginia was not established until 1863.

Camp Point Pleasant

Battle of Point Pleasant 1774,

Erected on the east side of the Ohio River, near the present town of Point Pleasant in Mason County, West Virginia. Camp Point Pleasant was the headquarters of General Andrew Lewis (Virginia militia) for the Battle of Point Pleasant on 10 Oct 1774 during Lord Dunmore's War. The battle pitted the Virginia militia against Shawnee and Mingo's warriors led by Shawnee chief Cornstalk. Following the battle, the Virginia Militia built a stockade to protect the wounded, and then they followed Cornstalk into the Ohio Valley and compelled him to accept a treaty, which ended the war. The campsite was later abandoned.

Fort Blair

Fort Blair was built by Captain Matthew Arbuckle as a primitive rectangular stockade on the site of former Camp Point Pleasant. Named for John Blair. Fort Blair was evacuated and apparently abandoned in June 1775 and later destroyed.

Fort Randolph

In May 1776 Fort Blair was replaced by Fort Randolph which was a much stronger defense, also constructed by Captain Arbuckle. The large fort included a stockade, blockhouses, and support buildings, enough to support a garrison of over 100.

Shawnee chief Cornstalk and chief Red Hawk came to Fort Randolph in November 1777 to warn Captain Arbuckle of the disaffection of their people, both were detained by the commander as was Cornstalk’s son who had come in search of his father. While they were there, two white hunters were attacked by Indians and one was killed and scalped. In retribution, the three Shawnees were murdered by militiamen at the fort.

Some 300 Wyandot and Mingo Indians attacked the fort on 16 May 1778 but were unable to take Fort Randolph. The fort was evacuated in 1779 and burned down by Indians when Point Pleasant was abandoned.

Fort Randolph was rebuilt as early as 1780 by Colonel Thomas Lewis and served during the Indian wars until 1792

Current Status

A replica of the fort is located at Krodel Park, Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The replica was built in 1973-74 and dedicated on 10 Oct 1974. The replica is approximately 65 yards wide and 60 yards deep.

The original site is located in Tu-Endie-Wei State Park/Point Pleasant Battlefield State Park at the point. The park holds the remains of Chief Cornstalk and a monument to him along with a marker. Also at this location is a marker for Colonel Andrew Lewis and the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Location: Point Pleasant, Mason County, West Virginia.

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Lat: 38.83933 Long: -82.14076

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  • Elevation: 560'

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