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Fort Birdseye (1855-1856) - Built by settlers during the Rogue River Indian War of 1855-56 on the donation land claim of David Birdseye and named after him.

Fort Birdseye DAR Marker
Log House at the Site of Fort Birdseye

Current Status

A DAR marker was placed on the south side of the old Pacific Coast Highway at the site of the stockade in front of a log house originally built in 1856. The log house was reportedly built of logs from the stockade of Fort Birdseye. The house lasted for over a hundred years and was restored in the 1980s only to burn down in 1990. The rebuilt version is shown above.

Location: On the south bank of the Rogue River
near the mouth of Birdseye Creek in Jackson County, Oregon.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.406997 Long: -123.150752

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  • Elevation: 997'

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Fortification ID:

  • OR0024 - Fort Birdseye

Visited: 28 Jun 2008

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