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Fort Pierre (1) (1832-1857) - First established in 1832 as a trading post by Pierre Chouteau Jr for John Jacob Astor's American Fur Company and named after Chouteau. Purchased in 1855 by the U.S. Government, renamed Fort Bennett and abandoned two years later in 1857. Also known as Fort Chouteau or Fort Pierre Chouteau.

Fort Pierre Chouteau Monument.
Fort Pierre Chouteau Monument Plaque.
Fort Pierre Chouteau National Historic Landmark Entrance.

Fort Pierre History

Fort Pierre Chouteau Sketch from Park Sign.

First established in 1832 as a trading post by the Western Department of the American Fur Company to replace Fort Tecumseh. In 1833 the fort was estimated to be 300' on each side and was the biggest trading post in the area with a trading area of thousands of square miles.

Purchased 14 Apr 1855 by the U.S. Government for $45,000 and first garrisoned on 7 Jun 1855. Abandoned two years later on 16 May 1857 because of a lack of forage and timber. Structural materials were reused in the construction of Fort Randall further south.

Current Status

A National Historic Landmark. Stone monument but no visible remains at the site. Fort Chouteau Park on Fort Chouteau Road on the west side of the Missouri River, three miles northwest of the City of Pierre.

Location: Fort Chouteau Park, Stanley County, South Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.3877598 Long: -100.3829119

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  • Elevation: 1,430'



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