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Fort Bennett (1) (1855-1855) - During the “Battle of Frenchtown” or “Battle of Walla Walla” during the “Cayuse Wars” the First Oregon Mounted Volunteers Under command of Lieutenant Major Kelly on 7 Dec 1855 took possession of a French Canadian farm that had recently been abandoned by the La Rocque family and where barricades had been thrown up.

Frenchtown Marker
Chief Peo Peo Mox Mox


The day and its location have a lot of historical significance because that is where the controversial death of the Walla Wallas chief, Peo-Peo-Mox-Mox occurred. By December 10 reinforcements had arrived and the Indians retreated. “On December 15, Lieutenant Colonel Kelly abandoned the defenses at the La Rocque cabin, which had been named Fort Bennett, after the officer who was killed on the first day of battle. That place had become a muddy hole, reeking with the smell of dead men and animals.”( Stephen B. Emerson)

More information on French town and the Frenchtown battle.

Current Status

The LaRocque cabin is now on the Bergevin ranch west of the historical marker on Highway 12.

Location: Between Lowden and the Whitman Mission
in Walla Walla County, Washington.

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Lat: 46.046735 Long: -118.514628

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  • WA0082 - Fort Bennett (1)

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