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Fort Apache (1870-1922) - First established in 1870 as Camp Ord by Major John Green, 1st U.S. Cavalry, named after Brigadier General Edward O.C. Ord (Cullum 1002). Also known as Camp Mogollon, Camp Thomas, Camp Apache. On 5 Apr 1879 it was named Fort Apache. Abandoned in 1922.

Fort Appache 1892 Commanding Officer's Quarters Bldg 104.
First Commanding Officer;s Quarters 1871, Bldg. 101, Known as General Crook's Cabin.
Fort Apache Adobe Adjutant's Office circa 1875, now a U.S. Post Office.


Fort Apache 1889 Adobe Enlisted Barracks Ruins, Bldg 115.

Originally established on the White Mountain Indian Reservation to stop Coyotero Apache Indian raids on settlers. The land that the fort occupied was put back into the public domain 26 Jan 1877 and designated a military reservation by a 1 Feb 1877 executive order. The military reservation was transferred to the Interior Department by executive order on 4 Oct 1922 and it became an Indian School established by the Indian Service.

Current Status

Must See! Currently a part of the Fort Apache National Historic District. Twenty-seven historic buildings make up the core of the 288 acre National Register Historic District.

Location: Fort Apache National Historic District, Arizona.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.78934 Long: -109.990330

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  • Elevation: 5034'

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Fortification ID:

  • AZ0006 - Fort Apache
  • AZ0005 - Camp Apache
  • AZ0194 - Camp Ord
  • AZ0154 - Camp Mogollon
  • AZ0262 - Camp Thomas (1)

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