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Fort Alden (1856-1857) - One of a series of crude wooden forts built by Washington Volunteers to protect against Indian attacks during the Washington Indian Wars, also known as Fort Alder. Named for Captain James Alden. No Indians ventured west and the fort was quickly abandoned.

In 1857 Jeremiah Borst, who is considered to be the father of the Snoqualmie Valley, settled a 160-acre, pre-empted claim that was 2.5 miles north of Snoqualmie Falls. The Fort Alden blockhouse served as his first cabin.

Current Status

Location: 60' South of the Snoqualmie river 2.5 miles from the
actual Snoqualmie Falls near the town of
Fall City, King County, Washington. (exact location unknown)

Maps & Images

Lat: 47.565523 Long: -121.875973

GPS Locations:



Fortification ID:

  • WA0002 - Fort Alden
  • WA0003 - Fort Alder

Visited: No

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