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Detroit Barracks (1830-1866) - A U.S. Army Barracks established in 1830 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. Abandoned in 1866. Also known as Post at Detroit.


A U.S. Army Barracks established in 1830 in Detroit as temporary quarters for U.S. Troops. Fort Detroit was abandoned in 1827 and its replacement, Fort Wayne (2) was not completed until 1851. Lieutenant Ulysses S. Grant is reported to have had an office in the barracks from 1849 through 1851.

U.S. Civil War (1861-1865)

Erastus D. Robinson of Detroit was authorized on 29 Oct 1862 by the Secretary of War to raise a company for duty at Detroit Barracks. The company was mustered into the United States sevice on 3 Jan 1863 and was known as the Provost Guard. They remained on duty at Detroit during their entire term of service. The Barracks was an induction center for U.S. Civil War recruits.

Current Status

On the site of the old Nellie Leland School for Crippled Children in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, which has been converted into condominiums.

Location: 1395 Antitem near the Mies van de Rohe Historic District in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.

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Lat: 42.341062 Long: -83.037436

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