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Camp San Carlos (1873-1900) - A U.S. Army cavalry camp first established in 1873 on a previously occupied site on the San Carlos Apache Indian Agency, Gila County, Arizona. Abandoned in 1900. Also known as Post at San Carlos.

Coolidge dam and San Carlos Lake, Camp San Carlos Site SubmergedUnder San Carlos lake.

History of Camp San Carlos

Officially established on 29 May 1873 by I Troop, 5th U.S. Cavalry at the San Carlos Indian Reservation on the north side of the San Carlos River. The camp was a subpost of Fort Grant from 10 Oct 1894 to 30 Sep 1898.

Abandoned in July 1900.

Current Status

Under San Carlos Lake, Gila County, Arizona.

Location: Under San Carlos Lake, Gila County, Arizona. Map point is approximate and not visually verified.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.1769996 Long: -110.5157661

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