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Camp La Paz (1874-1875) - A U.S. Army camp established in 1874 in the abandoned town of La Paz, La Paz County, Arizona. The camp was abandoned in 1875.


Established 20 Apr 1874 by elements of the 4th California Infantry, Companies F & G. The units occupied several of the abandoned adobe buildings in the town. Camp La Paz was probably abandoned on 23 May 1875.

La Paz was a gold rush town between 1862 and 1870 but was abandoned when the gold ran out.

Current Status

No remains on the abandoned town site of La Paz, La Paz County, Arizona. The town site is a ghost town that has been reduce to rubble by flooding.

Location: La Paz, La Paz County, Arizona. Map point is the town site.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.67919 Long: -114.42634

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  • Elevation: 583'

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