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Camp Austin (1839-1854) (1865-1875) - Established 24 Apr 1839 by Maj. W. Jefferson Jones of Karnes Regiment, Republic of Texas. A detached site called Austin Arsenal was built in 1840. Also known as Camp Sanders and the Post At Austin.

Buildings now at the site of Camp Austin
Site of the Austin Arsenal now occupied by the old Palm School

Camp Austin History

Camp Austin Plan

Camp Austin was established in 1839 as Austin was being laid out as the capital of the Republic of Texas. In 1840 the Austin Arsenal was established in the southeast town block which had been reserved for it when the town was laid out. In 1841 the regular troops of the Republic of Texas were disbanded and Camp Austin was occupied by a number of volunteer units until Texas became a State 19 Feb 1846. The first federal troops actually arrived in 1845 and occupied Camp Austin until 1854. During the U.S. Civil War Camp Austin was in Confederate hands and was returned to Federal control at the end of the war. Camp Austin was closed in Aug 1875.

Current Status

Nothing remains of any of the camps.

Camp Austin (Post at Austin) - 1214 West 6th St., Austin, Texas
Austin Arsenal - near 700 East 1st St.

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.273077 Long: -97.757987

Camp Austin - 490'
Austin Arsenal - 470'



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