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Apalachicola Arsenal (1832-1866) - A U.S. Army arsenal first established during the Second Seminole War as Mount Vernon Arsenal (1) in 1832 in Gadsden County, Florida. Renamed Chattahoochee Arsenal (1) in 1834 and later Apalachicola Arsenal; commonly but incorrectly seen spelled Appalachicola. Abandoned in 1866.

Apalachicola Arsenal (US. Arsenal) Marker
Apalachicola Arsenal Warehouse Building
Apalachicola Arsenal Officer's Quarters
Apalachicola Arsenal Restored Magazine


Apalachicola Arsenal Qfficers Quarters, Arsenal Wall Section

Authorized as a United States Arsenal in 1832 but was not in full operation until the spring of 1838 and not complete until 1839.

The arsenal complex consisted of a 4 square acre quadrangle surrounded with buildings connected and enclosed by a 9' tall & 30" thick brick wall. Two external magazines stored the munitions. The original complex had 4 outbuildings and 9 internal buildings including barracks, officer's quarters, and workshops.

U.S. Civil War (1861-1865)

The arsenal was surrendered by the Union garrison on 6 Jan 1861 to a secessionists militia force known as the Quincy Guard even before Florida had formally seceded from the Union. The secessionists captured one cannon, 5,122 pounds of powder, 57 flintlocks, and about 173,000 cartridges. The grounds were then operated as a Confederate "Camp of Instruction" for new recruits.

After the end of the war, the grounds were turned over to the Freedman's Bureau (1865-1868) and later used as the first Florida State Penitentiary until 1876. The State of Florida established the first Florida State Hospital on the grounds in 1876. The existing structures were repaired and modified for hospital use.

Current Status

Florida State Hospital Entrance

The officer's quarters, a warehouse, and one of the external magazines are still standing. A historical marker is located at U.S. 90 and Maple Street. Part of Florida State Hospital complex, Chattahoochee, Gadsden County, Florida.

Location: Florida State Hospital, Chattahoochee, Gadsden County, Florida.

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